I really recommend Mighty Minds because over the course I have had better sleep because before I had an anxiety disorder that was really bad and it would mainly come at night and make it hard to sleep. But over the course I have learnt different kinds of techniques to help and this has been really helpful for me and I think it will be helpful for you too. 

The way they teach it is really great as we are learning and having fun in the process. I think it would be good for people who were in my position before, or just need the help, because overall it is a very good way of overcoming your monkey brain! – Jaya – Year 8

Thank you for running this course. I think everybody alive would benefit from it! Sky’s Mum – Year 6

She says talking on the group helps her process her thoughts so I am very grateful that she has people outside our house and school to support her. Francesca’s Mum – Year 6

‘It’s a fun way of learning about your emotions, thoughts and actions and how they can affect yourself and others. From a social aspect I also like meeting children from other schools in the area. I really enjoy the sessions.’ – Alana – Year 6

‘Our daughter is worrying far less as a result of better understanding negative thinking’ Parent Year 7

The sessions are really fun and interactive. Trina feels like a safe person I can really talk to. I speak up more at school now and I’ve made new friends because of my growing confidence. Annabel Yr 7

I have to say whatever you are doing it is working!! She has been much more emotionally stable and I’ve not had a late night worried text conversation from her for weeks now! She would text me every night prior needing support with some worry or other and something you’ve done seems to have switched her thinking and now at most I’ll get some information or a ‘checking the facts’ question but there’s none of the distraught tooing and froing and not believing me. It’s wonderful! You have worked miracles! 🙂 Thank you!! Harriet – Jaya’s Mum

Theo has really benefitted from Mighty Mindsets. He’s always been prone to outbursts, and was very sensitive as a baby/youngster, but we’ve really seen him grow up and take a bit more responsibility for his emotional welfare in the last few months. 

Part of that is probably due to  generally getting older, but certainly I feel the discussions he’s had in the Mighty Minds group have been a real help – particularly in understanding how his mind works, and what he can control and how. So, many thanks to you! And well done also for making it so much fun despite the limitations of zoom/remote learning!

Theo’s Mum – Year 7

My daughter was lacking in confidence and I felt if she could understand her emotions and her responses to them, this would have life time benefits.

She thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. I could see the difference in her immediately. She would talk about everything they had learnt, and how they would use the skills to help promote confidence in themselves and encourage others. This is a life skill every child would benefit from learning – in fact adults would benefit too!!!

Victoria – Lucy’s Y6 Mum 

Mighty Minds has been hugely helpful to my son; it enabled him to understand how his brain works and how it influences his emotions and behavior.  The  techniques Trina taught allowed him to better understand his feelings and she gave him the vocabulary to express himself more clearly.  He thoroughly enjoyed the classes and the materials Trina provided were relevant and hugely helpful to him.  I was keen to help my son be as independent and resilient as possible and Mighty Mind Club has definitely aided this.

Kimberley – Jonah’s Y6 mum

Isambard loves Mighty Mind Club and wants to carry on next term. He has genuinely found the group has increased his confidence and his happiness. He thinks it’s brilliant. Our chats on the way home are always a delight! 

Magdalen – Isambard’s mum 

Thanks again for your wonderful work. The topics you cover are great,  and not only does Imogen share her learning with me, but I have found myself talking to friends and family about some of the techniques and ideas. maybe your good work spreads further than you realise. 

Melanie – Imogen’s mum 

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed Mighty Mind Club, and referred to many of the tools which Trina had given her to help express and develop her emotional wellbeing.  Alongside these tools, Trina was always so kind and supportive, nurturing my daughters self-confidence and well-being.

Claire – Lucy’s mum

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your life saving Mighty Mind Club. My daughter talks about what she has learnt regularly. It has really helped her to understand her emotions better and helped her to feel calmer about her reactions to life as a 10 yr old! She is more positive and mentally stronger! For this I am eternally grateful.

Alison – Eva’s mum