Do you believe that Mindset is the biggest determiner of success?
Do you get eye rolls whenever you try and suggest to your teen they may want to think a bit differently?
Join the club – they know best right – parents just go on about boring adult stuff!
Do you wish you could get them to see the importance of Mindset now rather than having to experience things the hard way?

I’m Trina, and prior to becoming a mum I worked in the Corporate world which gave me insight into the importance of Mindset and Emotional Intelligence. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way what impact a lack of self belief and confidence can have on your life.

So I started My Mighty Mind because I am passionate about helping young people understand these vital life skills BEFORE they are needed .  I believe that teaching teens to build a positive mindset is the proactive way to prevent mental health challenges as they get older. Ive coached over 300 kids Im a mum of teens – living your reality right now as we speak – wanting to impress on mine how important this really is but struggling to get them away from their friends and their phone long enough to grasp it