Choose Mighty

Workshops For Adults

Have you ever thought about the science of resilience? I never had until mine was on the floor. It seems I am not alone – so many of the adults I now welcome to my workshops may know about some of the fundamentals of neuroscience but have never linked it all together to see how it impacts your resilience, mindset and mental health.  

The Science of Resilience explains the SCIENCE of resilience in a SIMPLE and UNIVERSALLY relevant way, so you can understand the link between your thoughts, emotions and actions, those of all the people you care about and everyone else you come into contact with too. You will leave the workshop with a tool kit to continue building your resilience, and learnings which you can take home to your family.


Classes For Teens

No one can ignore the rise in teenage mental health issues, and sadly the curriculum does not yet teach about it in adequate detail. In addition, children can be reluctant to take advice from their own parents. 

Choose Mighty Meet Ups for teens are the proactive way to safeguard against anxiety, self doubt and self sabotage by helping them understand and strengthen their Mighty Minds for maximum happy.  They learn vital life skills like how to challenge thoughts, get comfortable with uncomfortable feelings and choose responses for the challenges everyone faces as they get older. Meet ups are grouped into 8 weekly themes including Mindset, How the brain works, Emotions, Thinking, Self Esteem, Self Confidence, Worry Friendships and more. Learning with groups of other children their own age has the advantage of making these challenges seem all very normal, and the process of learning fun, age appropriate and memorable.

For corporate clients – Choose Mighty Meet ups can be offered to your employees as part of their employee benefit package.

The video below is aimed at children to show them what they can expect at Choose Mighty Meet Ups.