LM – Register for 2 Free Sessions – Supporting Children’s Mental Health Week

Hello – thank you for joining us here to register for my 2 free sessions to help your child Understand their Mighty Mind. These 2 x 40 minute free sessions are a great introduction to understanding how your mind, and more importantly, how all those messy stressy emotions all work.  With that understanding –  teenagers are able to normalise their feelings and take more control of how they feel and what they do. Sign up below and I will see you there

Lesson 1  – Tuesday 15th February

 6.30 – 7.15pm



– the ultimate issue

How our brains work, how they respond to danger, and what that makes us dodanger, and what that s us 

Lesson 2 -Thursday 17th February

6.30 – 7.15pm 



– if you can manage the fear 

Why your thoughts and choices make all the difference

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