Mindset for Teens

Do you believe that Mindset is the biggest determiner of success and happiness?

Do you wish you could get your children to see the importance of Mindset now rather than having to experience things the hard way?

Do you get eye rolls when you try and talk about important stuff like life skills?

Join the club! they know best right? Parents just go on about boring adult stuff…..

Would you like a magic wand to make them be kind to themselves, believe in themselves and not get so anxious about friendships and exams?

And would it be even better if, in building a mighty mindset, by default, they also strengthened their mental health at the same time?

What if I told you there is a unique, easy and FUN way to engage teens in all things Mindset ………..


teaches teens how their brain is programmed to function so they can understand how important thinking really is

explains how uncomfortable emotions can get in the way of happiness and success

normalises the kind of feelings teens are all going through

and inspires them to CHOOSE their MINDSET and CHALLENGE their THINKING

10 weekly meet ups  ~ Tuesdays 5 – 5.40pm ~ 10th May – 19th July ~ £59 

Who I am....

I’m Trina, and prior to becoming a mum I worked in the corporate world which gave me insight into the importance of mindset and emotional intelligence. Unfortunately I learned the hard way what impact a lack of self belief and confidence can have on your life.

I started My Mighty Mind because I am passionate about helping young people understand these vital life skills BEFORE they are needed. I believe in teaching the link between mindset and success to inspire them to take ownership of theirs, and is the positive and proactive way to equip them to manage their mental health.

I’ve coached over 300 kids,  and I’m a mum of teens,  so I’m living the reality of teen traumas and challenges. I believe it’s THE most important thing to teach my kids but as you may be able to relate to – I struggle to get them away from their friends and their phone long enough to get it, nor even listen to me  most of the time – I’m just their mum after all  😬

That’s why I created this programme as a fun and interactive way to teach this vital stuff – on their phones and with their friends! (see what I did there 😉 )


PSST – Because the CHOOSE MIGHTY APP is BRAND NEW – I’m offering a special launch price of just £59 for 10 weeks – normally £80

10 Weekly Choose Mighty Meet Ups 

Tuesdays 5 – 5.40pm 

May 10th – July 19th


  • A 40 minute live meet up each week
  • Lifetime access to All lessons on the BRAND NEW CHOOSE MIGHTY APP
  • Community – for chat and relationship building
  • Incentives to practice positive habits with weekly leaderboards and prizes
  • Workbooks to fill along the way


engagement via the CHOOSE MIGHTY APP


  • How the brain works
  • The importance of thinking
  • What success and resilience really take
  • The Teen Brain
  • Goals and Dreams and more


interaction using quizzes, polls, games, virtual challenges, engaging visuals, videos and GIF’s

Questions for the kids

What if I don’t want to talk or be seen in the live lessons?

Said lots of you!!! That’ fine – I have a plan for that.  Live lessons are on zoom and there will be up to 50 other Mighties on each call – what better way to feel like you are not alone.!! Camera on/ camera off – real name or alias, it’s totally up to you.  Sometimes it feels scary to talk feelings or problems – so we use zoom emojis,  polls, the chat box and interactive games so everyone can still contribute along the way.

Do I have to attend the lessons live?

Not if you can’t for any reason. That weeks’ lesson is recorded and will be in the app that week. You can still join in with any weekly challenges and learn all you want to.

What if I miss a lesson?

Each of the lesson ‘learny ‘bits are about  15 minutes long – so just watch back when you can and do the mighty mission for the week – no problem.

When will I have a Mighty Mindset ?

Well – that depends! I teach you all the logic and science, tips and tricks to challenge your Mindset – but YOU need to CHOOSE to do it – and make it a habit. When you do you will slowly see the magic happen.

How long do I need to sign up for?

10 weeks on a Tuesday at 5 – 5.40 pm , May 10th – July 19th


PSST – Because the CHOOSE MIGHTY APP is BRAND NEW – I’m offering a special launch price of just £59 for 10 weeks – normally £80

10 Weekly Choose Mighty Meet Ups 

Tuesdays 5 – 5.40pm 

May 10th – July 19th