Corporate resilience training


With anxiety, stress and continual comparison now sadly playing such a large part in our everyday lives, it has become essential that employers give their people the tools they need to thrive rather than just survive. The Choose Mighty Resilience programme is unique in its simplicity, and universal relevance due to it being built around neuroscience, so provides employees a tool they can apply to their personal lives as well as professional lives and share with their families too.  Choose Mighty uses neuroscience combined with the the simple principle of making dreams bigger than fears to provide a memorable tool kit to help take control of emotions and build strategies for success. 


Because it is needed

The challenging macro factors we are all having to adjust to in today’s economic and cultural environment mean that resilience is at an all time understandable low.  The cost of living crisis, shrinking workforce, fuel price increases to name just a handful of the challenges we are all being touched by mean that everyone needs that bit more resilience than they have ever done before, and the benefits of developing it are immeasurable. My Mighty Mind can offer companies a variety of unique ways of demonstrating their corporate social responsibility to help safeguard the wellbeing of their employees.  

Because it shows real care

Investing in a universally relevant resilience programme demonstrates the value you put on your employees, and is now the kind of sought after benefit employees are looking for.  Choose Mighty and it’s ability to be shared with employees wider families demonstrates a recognition that resilience is not a skill reserved for the workplace,  but that it’s value at home is equally important.  

Because it pays

The cost to employers of stress related absenteeism has increased to £56billion per year and that cost is only set to rise. Ultimately the benefit of caring for your staff and their families has a positive knock on effect on productivity,  retention, profit and the bottom line.

Our Workshops


Webinars or ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions for larger groups or as a perfect summary for your leadership teams. Choose from:-

The Psychology of Resilience

The Sociology of Resilience

Resilience Redefined


Half day or full day workshops demystifying the sociology and the psychology of resilience and introducing the simple framework to build your resilience in life and in work.  Workshops for:-

Personal Resilience and 

Team Resilience


12 sessions in small groups. Builds accountability and connection through the group dynamic

Benefit from 

The Personal Resilience Gym or

The Manager Resilience Gym


One to one coaching available for individuals with specific resilience challenges where a group environment is not suitable..