Teaching tips and tricks to build happy, healthy, positive and confident minds for life

The Mighty Mission

It’s very hard to be truly happy and successful without feeling good about yourself, believing in yourself and being able to get back up when you fall down.

Through research, experience and the latest scientific studies – I have learned just how powerful the way we think is. Once we understand the science and logic around how and why we think the way we do – we can be more in control of our lives. I teach about emotions, self control, calming techniques, positive habits, thinking skills and so much more.

My mission is to share my understanding about our amazing brains to help children, teenagers and adults alike feel that bit more normal, a bit more in control and a lot more happy!

About Me

I’m Trina and I have a passion for people and fun! As most of us can relate to I have had times which have not been so much fun when I found out first-hand how a less than happy mind feels.

As a result, I also have a passion to help people look after their mental health. Unfortunately finances and curriculum demands mean that schools simply can’t dedicate enough time to this area as is now needed. Lack of funding means provision seems very reactive – there to support children once they have already developed issues.

Why wait until there is a problem? I proactively build healthy minds before it gets to that, helping children and young people understand and strengthen their Mighty Minds for maximum happy.

What People Say

‘You learn about the brain and how to prevent your feelings taking over. The best thing is that it’s fun and well explained’  Kaden – Yr 5 

‘Thank you for an excellent club. I wish my eldest daughter had this when she was Louisa’s age.’  Fiona – Louisa’s mum

‘It helps me be more positive. I’m much nicer to myself than I was before’ Eva – Yr 5 

‘Never leave!’  Jayne – Mia’s mum


Mighty Mind Club

After School Online classes for Yrs 5 & 6

Mighty MindSETS

After School Online classes for Yrs 7 & 8

Choose Mighty for Girls

Self Esteem /Anxiety/Confidence for Yr 9 & 10 girls

My Mighty Mind Bespoke

Ad hoc courses for schools and individuals on request