Do you believe that Mindset is the biggest determiner of success and happiness?

Wouldn’t it be good if your teens believed it too!

Choose Mighty meet ups teach all the life skills you wish you had learned at school like developing self belief, resilience, self esteem, and confidence, how to manage friendships, understand anxiety, focus on strengths and set goals – with the added benefit of helping teens normalise their feelings with others and keep it all front of mind through the Choose Mighty App

The Mighty Mission

Is this you?

Maybe you have worked in Corporate, and have had enough Emotional Intelligence training  to realise that self belief , resilience and a can do mindset is the defining characteristic of those who do well.

Maybe you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, and you know because of the challenges you have had to face that your resilience is is what has got you to where you are. 

Or maybe you have struggled with your mindset and know it has held you back at times in your life.

If that speaks to you – would you like your children to ‘get’ this by the time they leave school, so that they are inspired to take responsibility for how they CHOOSE to THINK because they get that it’s the key to living the life they want.

That’s what Choose Mighty Meet ups deliver – so read on….

Why the need for Choose Mighty?

I’m Trina and I have a passion for people and fun! My Mighty Mind started life focusing on helping children understand their mental health. But the more I taught, the more I thought, the real key to a healthy and happy mind is how you Choose to Think – Your Mindset. 

Just as its hard to have a positive life with a negative mindset – the opposite is true. It’s hard to have a negative life if you have a positive mindset. Choose Mighty  teaches teens to understand the link between how they CHOOSE to THINK and how happy they are – to inspire them to take control.

Don’t you wish this stuff was on the curriculum? And we all know that our teens can be reluctant to take advice from their own parents. What if they could learn this kind of stuff with a gang of other teens, in a fun and age appropriate way?

And the added benefit – noone can ignore the rise in teenage mental health issues. Choose Mighty is the proactive way to safeguard against anxiety, self doubt and self sabotage by helping teens understand and strengthen their Mighty Minds for maximum happy.

What People Say

‘On days when I’m feeling sad for any reason Its not so bad as long as I Choose Mighty. ’  Thais – 14 

‘I have an anxiety disorder but at Mighty Minds I have learnt different kinds of techniques to help and this has been really helpful for me and I think it will be helpful for you too.’  Jaya – 13

‘It’s a fun way of learning about your emotions, thoughts and actions and how they can affect yourself and others. From a social aspect I also like meeting other children – I really enjoy the sessions.’ Alana – 12 

‘Thank you for running this course. I think everybody alive would benefit from it!’ Sky’s Mum 

How does Choose Mighty work?

What will they learn?

Choose Mighty teaches your teen the important stuff you wish you had learned at school.  How to challenge thoughts, get comfortable with uncomfortable feelings and choose responses for the challenges they will face as they get older:- Grouped into 8 weekly themes including Mindset, How the brain works, Emotions, Thinking, Self Esteem, Self Confidence, Worry, Friendships and more.


Choose Mighty Meet Ups

30 minute weekly online fun get togethers.  Choose to join a particular theme, or join the membership for as long as you want to learn, are having fun, realising how normal you are and making friends.


Choose Mighty the App

Don’t want to meet up – no worries,  just download the app, choose a theme, and listen and play whenever you want.